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iPrintMarvel is a very small, rugged USB & Bluetooth enabled 2 Inch mini thermal printer or 2 Inch Printer and it may called as Bluetooth Printer. This is designed with a small footprint and comes in an aesthetic plastic enclosure. iPrintMarvel works on Thermal Printing Technology and which is called as Small Thermal Printer. Its weight is just 350 grams, so it is otherwise known as Portable Printer or Pocket Printer or Pocket Bluetooth Printer & runs on rechargeable battery and can print up to over 12,000 lines even in a single charge. Some common names for iPrintMarvel are Android Printer, Remote Printer, Intelligent Printer.

iPrintMarvel Printer with Data Storage various applications like,

Bus Ticketing

Bus Ticketing Govt. Transport Corporation Buses & Private Buses

Water & Electricity Billing

Spot Billing for Water & Electricity

Micro Finance

Payment Collection

Zoo / Park Entry Ticket

Ticketing in Zoo / Park / Museum

Spot Fine Collection

Spot fine collection for motorists

Car Parking Coupon

Spot ticketing for car parking

Kitchen / Bar Order Taking

Kitchen Printer / WiFi Printer is applicable in Kitchen Order Taking / Bar Order Taking

Shop / Restaurant Billing

Shop / Restaurant billing / Fuel Billing